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# 1158 Mahajiran Sarouk 

Circa 1890's

Condition: Almost Perfect

Notes: Very beautiful Sarouk

#855 Antique Heriz

11'5 x 8'5

Circa: 1890's

Condition: Perfect

Notes: Nice color and design.

SOLD!--#863 Sarouk

11'9 x 8'9

Circa: 1930's

Condition: Perfect

Notes: Great Sarouk

#857 Ferrahan Sarouk

11'7 x 8'7

Circa: 1890's

Condition: Some wear

Notes: Very beautiful Sarouk.

#620 Mahal

11'6 x 8'6

Circa 1920's

Condition: Worn all over

Notes: Touch dyed

#709 Tabriz

12' x 9'

Circa: 1920's

Condition: Perfect

#792 Bedjar

11'10 x 8'6

Circa: 1920's

Condition: Perfect

Notes: Very Old Design

#222 Mahal

11' x 8'

Circa 1920's

Condition: Low areas

Notes: All natural dyes.

#691 Lilihan

10'7 x 8'

Circa 1920's

Condition: Rewoven area

Updated: August 20, 2012