-Steven Sarver-

A bit about myself...

October, 2010
I have been in the Oriental rug business for over 40 years. Born in Richmond, Indiana, I then moved to Indianapolis with my family as a young boy.  After graduating from Arlington High School I went to work for Ashjian Rug Cleaning Co. This is where I became interested in these highly beautiful and durable rugs.

I learned how to clean and repair them, and then began studying the many different kinds of rugs from around the world. Older rugs became my passion.  I studied and became an expert in the field of Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental Rugs.

I worked for Kerman Rug Co. for 17 years, and then opened my own retail store.  After 10 years I closed the store to deal only in Antique and Semi-Antique Oriental Rugs, and to be home with my young children to watch them grow up.

I am an Oriental Rug Appraiser, certified by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America. (ORRA

I currently work out of my home.  My oldest daughter Shannon currently helps me with the cleaning and repair of Oriental Rugs.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my current inventory of Antique, Semi-Antique, and modern Oriental rugs for sale. Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have, including prices, shipping arrangements, cleaning, repair, etc.  And if I don't have the exact type of rug you may be looking for, I can assist you in locating and purchasing new Oriental rugs at great savings!

You can contact me via email: SSARVER2@AOL.COM or phone:

  • (317) 255-3066
  • (317) 695-9826 mobile

Some thoughts about Oriental Rugs...

Oriental rugs were made for a purpose.  Floor covering to warm the floor, bags to store things in, and some were made to pull over oneself for warmth.

There are many countries making Oriental rugs today. China, India, Persia, Pakistan, Turkey, Napal, Romania, and many other European countries.

The secret to buying an oriental rug is to buy the one you love, because you may have it all your life. You also want it to be within your budget.

The main difference between an older rug and a new rug is the resale ability.  With a new rug it will take 20 to 40 years before you might be able to sell your rug at a fair price.  That is because in 20-40 years the wholesale cost will appreciate due to cost of labor, wool, transportation, and inflation.  So in that many years a dealer can buy your rug and clean and repair it if needed and still resell it at a profit.

It is very important that you maintain your rug throughout the years that you own it.  You should have it professionally cleaned and repaired if needed. This should be done in the early stages of damage so that you do not lose value in your investment.

Once you are bit by the "Oriental Rug Bug" it can be addicting!  Of course this is what I hope for.  When you learn about Oriental rugs, and you see the many beautiful works of art, you can go crazy with it and want to know more and more. I have been in the business for 40 years and I still see rugs that take my breath away. I also have to go and research sometimes to when discovering something I might never have seen.

Thanks for checking out my web site. Please send a note or call and I will be glad to assist you where I can!